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Let face it - computers don't always work around your schedule! Often your computer crashes when you in the middle of something or a virus may have gotten into your system. Then you have to waste time and money by making a hand-delivery for service, pay high prices to have it inspected and repaired, and then wait for days to get your system back. we get you back up and running in no time at all. Does your desktop or laptop run slow? Maybe malware or spyware like the "FBI Moneypak Virus" & other Virus are affecting your system's performance. Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we specialize in getting your computer back up and running. Unlike Best Buy and other stores who want to keep your computer for days and charge an outrageous price to fix it, we're here to help you promptly resolve your technology issues. We value each unique customer's needs working to make sure you're happy. CSS understands how frustrating a technological repair job can be and we strive to make your computer repair both easy and affordable. There are many choices out there when it comes to computer issues, but we offer such great service and prices that CSS is a no brainer top choice for most. I am able to understand your needs and give you top-of-the-lines support and efficient customer service with a smile. I will not stop until I have your various issues resolved because my passion for optimal computer operation is so strong. To be honest most computer repair problems I come across are not that difficult for me to repair. The reason for this is because I've probably already resolved the exact same issue with someone else. Security tool and cyber security are some of the threats. so let us help your home, home office or small business be protected from the latest security threat. Below are some of the reasonable available specialty services which CSS offers